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Healing Services

Angel Crystal Healing

Angel Crystal Healing is a revolutionary therapy that utilizes the healing energy of the Archangels and Angels in conjunction with healing energy of Crystals to bring about an effective difference in the way we feel. Crystal Healing and Angel Healing are both wonderful, non-intrusive modalities which empower the body to heal itself. As a healer, I work with these two modalities in conjunction with each other and have developed this very powerful technique called “Angel Crystal Healing”. During advanced healing sessions, The Bioptron Light Therapy System (the patented technology from Switzerland) is used in conjunction with Angel Crystal Healing Therapy.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years for adornment and their healing properties. Most have been formed in the earth millions of years ago and come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and colours. Each crystal has its own unique vibration and we are usually drawn to a crystal which resonates to our own vibration. Crystals heal on all levels – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.

Angels and Archangels have limitless healing capabilities, their healing energy is powerful. Angels heal effectively, instantly and permanently.  Their abilities are limitless and their desire to help you can free you from every issue, situation, physical or emotional pain known to us.  They need only your permission to remove these issues and your willingness to fully release any pain or issue you have experienced to the Light for transmutation.

An Angel Crystal Healing session is extremely relaxing, and leaves you with a feeling of peace and well being. It cleanses the chakras and aura, and dissolves any blocks in the body and the body’s etheric layers. The physical body is a consequence of the etheric body. The etheric body is really the energy field that controls the development and the operation of the physical body. This etheric body survives the demise of the physical body; it’s called the spiritual body. The etheric body, then, has within it the template of the physical body. The physical is the expression of the etheric. The Crystals’ and Angels’ healing energy both work on the human energy field, helping to rebalance the Chakra system and allowing energy to move more freely through the body, which in turns assists the body’s natural healing process.

After only one session, there is a notable difference in wellbeing and frame of mind. Some clients might experience seeing lights or even angels during a healing session.  Angel & Crystal Healing session might strengthen client’s belief in angels and healing power of non-physical realms and crystal kingdom.  The healing energy of the Archangels and Angels is ancient, but has only now come to earth in its purest and uncontaminated form.

Follow up treatments (if required) after the initial healing session may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on your needs. Progress will be reviewed following each session. This will always be subject to your own preferences, and can be changed at any time according to progress.

This works on a physical and an emotional level, so this type of treatment is suitable for:

• Chakra Cleansing, balancing and re-aligning
• Helping to recognise and clear any emotional issues
• Helping to stimulate the immune system
• Boosting energy levels
• Sensing of well being and being at peace
• Assisting the body’s natural detoxification processes
• Helping to relieve from stress and anxiety
• Relaxation and revitalisation of body and mind

What can you expect from an Angel Crystal Healing?

• For an Angel Crystal Healing session we would usually both be seated and I would hold your hand to help connect to your energy, however, this is not necessary for the healings to work. The important thing is that you are feeling comfortable at all times.
• The healing session begins with a discussion about any issues you may wish to work on. Usually people prefer to have a ‘general healing’ and trust the correct crystals will be chosen for their highest and best good at that time.
• During the healing session it may be beneficial to be open-minded and to change certain limiting beliefs which you may have. These beliefs are held in our subconscious and can limit our healing, growth and learning. Feelings can also be downloaded if they are beneficial to our healing and growth.
• Permission is always asked of you before any healing or changes take place. This is your free will and is fully respected.
• You will then be asked to choose any crystals which you feel drawn to. These will be used for your healing along with any others I feel would be beneficial.
• You then lie down on a comfortable healing bed and the crystals are placed on chakras, a specific areas on your body – 7 major energy centers (plus 2 minor chakras).
• This is when the healing process begins. I will start to channel Angel healing energy pointing it through a quartz crystal wand toward each crystal to activate and amplify crystal’s healing power to start healing process in that area – light healing energy goes in and negative energy is being released and transmuted.
• When the healing is complete we can discuss how you are feeling and I will make sure you feel grounded before you leave to go home.
• In the Advanced healing session, in addition to the Standard healing session (described above), The Bioptron Light Therapy System (the patented technology from Switzerland) is used in conjunction with Angel Crystal Healing Therapy. You may also receive a message from your guardian angels or spiritual guides, channeled or via Angel Oracle Cards.

What do you need to do during an Angel Crystal Healing?

• You don’t have to do anything except relax and enjoy the gentle crystal and angel energy and special “healing” music (created by Christopher Lloyd Clarke – “Healing Sound Music” composer) playing in the background.
• Unlike massage, no “strip-down” is required, so for many people this modality offers a more comfortable and less intrusive alternative.

Please Note: I do not advocate the use of crystals as a substitute for medical or psychological care. I rather see their use in a supportive role in healing and manifestation.

When you are ready, book a session with me. The time for you is now, that is why your Angels have guided you here.

Charges for Angel Crystal Healing Sessions

Standard: $55/session  (the standard session usually takes around 45 min.)
Advanced: $65/session  (the advanced session takes approx 60 min. and includes The Bioptron Light Therapy System as described above)

Payments can be made by cash, direct credit or via PayPal (see “Buy Now” button below). Bartercard payments are accepted for Advanced Angel Crystal Healing sessions only.

(All Angel Crystal Healing sessions by appointment only)


Select Healing Session Type

Angel Crystal Healing Session

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers for a standard Angel Crystal Healing session available to purchase online (click here to access “Gift Vouchers” page).

Location: Arkles Bay, Whangaparaoa, Hibiscus Coast, Auckland, New Zealand

For more information or bookings, please contact Angelia via contact form.

Feel free to make your bookings today!

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